Missile and Rocket trails

Why did missiles and rockets became uglier?

(I know that it was many months ago, but couldn’t find any explanation or reason behind that)


Bring missile colors BACK!

What I mean by that is to bring those colorful missile trails as they were before!

Almost NO other game has colorful missiles but only boring grey ones, so BRING colors Back!


That was one of my main reasons returning to SC.

Also [sth nice to see]

Extend engine trails and make them more visible

(but that’s another topic)

All ships also now just have a single engine trail and I hate it. If my ship has 5 main engines I wanna see 5 trails.


Do devs read forum suggestions?


We really hope to see these changes in the upcoming patch (+ Engine Trails extend and more visible).
(+ few glow effects to be a bit dimmer and make fading animation to some others lacking this)


Virtually, all shooters do NOT have colorful missiles.

This patch would make Star Conflict Stand Out!

Just use the previous version (at least).

It was much better.