Missile and Gun Explosion Mechanic Change

My suggested change is for missile mechanics, more so their explosions mechanics, which can also be extended to gun explosion mechanics as well, to be changed so that they won’t hit ships when they’re behind objects  completely. remember all of those times you were above a giant wall only to be exploded by a missile or damaged by mortar explosions from the opposite side? that won’t happen again. It’s time for this abusable mechanic to end it’s reign.


essentially, explosions will not hit a ship who’s completely behind an object, be it a part of the map, or an ally or enemy ship that keeps the ship completely, Shield and ship, outside of the field of vision of the explosion.


preferrably, if only the Shield is visible to the explosion, only the Shield may take damage, even if it’s a 15k damage missile, and the Shield only has 500 points left. only the Shield goes poof when only the shield is visible to the explosion.

If the shield is down and that’s the only part of the ship that would have been visible to the explosion the ship does not take damage. 


If the ship’s Shield is down and the hull is visible to the explosion the ship will take damage. 

If the shield and hull are both visible and if the damage of the explosion exceeds the shield’s capacity, the hull will also take damage.


All of this applies within the radius of the explosion’s damaging effect.


Explosion shots that hit shield barriers like the engineer’s drop-able shield or a Destroyer’s usable missile shield will not be bypassed to damage the ship unless a part of that ship is within visibal range of the explosion, for

instance it’s possible that only a ship’s shield would be visible, so only that would take damage, and when the ship’s shield is down, the hull of that ship will not take damage unless the hull is also within visible range of the explosion to the sides of the barrier. Explosions will not go directly through the barrier to hit a ship and must hit from the sides of the barrier, if any part of the ship is within visible range.


the only point where a ship may take damage through a complete barrier, be it a wall or pilot item, be it ally or enemy, or even one of those small moveable asteroids, is if the shield is poking out the other end, or even the ship’s hull itself if that’s even possible.


These are visible range explosion mechanics.