Miser Mode

In Miser mode, you will be given an extra challenge in battle, but also a greater reward.

If Miser Mode is activated (through options), you will experience a sharp drop in overall quality of ships and equipment. Weapons will deal less damage with less range. Modules will have a shorter, smaller effect. Ships will move slower and have ress durability. But from all this you gain a massive boost in income from every battle activity. Ships will be repaired for a matter of hundreds of credits. Ammo will be nearly free. And most importantly, your credit and voucher income will skyrocket.

This expert mode will allow you to amass wealth like no other, and focus on the important things in life… Like money!




Meiser Mode option is unlocked upon reaching rank 15 in the Federation.

I had other ideas like “Valor Mode” for the Empire and “Vengeance Mode” for Jericho, but I’m not sure what to do for them. Valor mode would defo add to damage and reduce speed, but that’s not enough. Vengeance mode would likely revolve around superior technology and effects, but once again that’s hard to work out.

Each would function independently of the other and only allow one to be active at once.

I also though about an “Evolution Mode” for Ellydium revolving around adaptation (rewarding staying alive longer) but that seems like it would take a crazy amount of balancing.

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