Minor Game Changes (Simple but effective)

These are very minor changes, i’d like to see take place. 


Mechanical And Module Changes

Remove Heavy weapons from interceptor access.

Stasis Generator no longer stuns the target, Prevents the use of modules for 12 seconds.

Propulsion Inhibitor (frigate) Aoe increased to 1500 meters. Also slows targets in range for 17.5-20%

Parasitic remodulator range increased 1250 meters

Engine Supressor: Slow reduction effect increased to 42.5% - 45%

Multiphasic Shield: Now consumes 29 energy a second, 10 second cooldown (works like aegis)

Adaptive Plating: Now consumes 29 energy a second, 10 second cooldown (works like aegis)

Directed Recovery modules: Changed. Now Heals you, and all near by target  in 3000 meters for X (485 on frigate) mount every 3 seconds, for 15 seconds. 

Regeneration armor: Now regenerates 185-225 health ever 3 seconds.

All Hull Self-Reps : Now Heals you for X amount ever 3 seconds, for 12 seconds.

Example : If the current repair for frigate is 3200 in 1 second, the new would be 800 every 3 seconds for 12 seconds (4 pulses)

collision compensator reduced from 15-30% to 7.5-15% (Epic) mobility.

Ablative Armor: Increases bonus from 12.5% to 15%.

Shield Extender: Increase Bonus from 10% to 17.5%

Torpedo’s and Cruise Missiles now are homing, additionally they have a long range of travel, at a lower mobility/speed rate.

heavy railgun damage reduced by 30% plasma, and laser damage reduced by 15%



Skill Changes

Unstable Energy Field: No longer stuns, Removes access to weapons for 6 seconds.

Plasma Network: Changed. Now Drains 25 Shields a second from enemies with in 2500 meters.

Chameleon: the range from which near by enemies uncloak the ship increased to 350 meters. Costs 12 energy to maintain. When cloaked regeneration is reduced by 50%. Each level grants more regeneration back. 50>65>75>85>100% (levels 1-5)

FireBird: Changed. When launching a Torpedo, Or Cruiser missile, you shoot three instead of one. Cool down:

45 seconds. Cloned missiles do 25% less damage.

Disintegrator: Every 15 seconds, your main weapon over loads, giving it a 25% Critical strike change, and 25% more damage

I have to ask. Who uses heavy weapons on a interceptor!?  :blink2:


Though I have to agree with the skill changes you made, some of them make sense and/or improve on the game. Though All i see is just stat changes and some minor rearranging. I like it. 



lots of people run around with heavy’s on an interceptor. Mostly rails and plasma.

when it comes to heavy weapons, I would like to see the following change


Interceptors mas increased from 50 to 75, renamed “light fighter”

Fighter mass decreased from 350 to 150

Frigate mass decreased from 4000 to 350, renamed “heavy fighter”

Heavy fighter now has (in general) 15 missile slots, 8 nuke slots

Heavy fighter has up to 5 active slots, 3 can only be used for recovery/buff mods.

Heavy fighter has a 160 ms base

Heavy weapons can only be used by heavy fighter.

And then we can trash the Inty. Your changes will make frigs so strong that an inty wont be able to even scratch it while he gets raped. I like that every class can take on the other ones. The only thing that changes it is the skill the pilot has and the equipment you use. So i think its very good balanced right now. Also limiting the weapons on ships will make balance even more difficult.

No, the interceptor can rape the frigate now, so what does mobility have to do with it?


as for the ceptors, they just need to be a little slower, their damage will get changed with module changes.


As for heavys on interceptors, NO WAY. its absolutely causing them to be over powered.

Most of the time when i hear “LEAVE INTYS ALONE” those people are inty pilots.

I would like to nerf their speed, improve their tricks (to give them more survivability) While at the same time fixing broken things like stun spam etc.

I have to ask. Who uses heavy weapons on a interceptor!?  :blink2:


Though I have to agree with the skill changes you made, some of them make sense and/or improve on the game. Though All i see is just stat changes and some minor rearranging. I like it. 




The answer is PINK.   Hi there! ~<3


I run heavies to do massive bombing runs on unsuspecting baddies, and it is really effective, try it on a Jerrycurl cepter, here is a little combo:

  1. find your victim

  2. while flying in hit with 1 charged shot and then spam fire till you get close.

3) cocoon

  1. charge shot, rocket or just whistle at your target while there stunned and they will die.

5) receive hi-five for ganking someone under 6 seconds.


No need to thank me :smiley:

thing is frigate is not a capital ship, obviously (what i mean is the one in game now) its more of a heavy fighter, who is fat and lazy.


Time to trim the fat and turn it into a 160ms-170ms heavy fighter. give him lots of missile space, and make a variant (Like heavy fighter-H serious) That has 3 slots for repair, 2 for other. or 2/1 or 2/2 low/mid levels. only give them to access to heavy, and tailor heavy a tad to suit it.


result, a heavy fighter, that can play a role of sniping, support, or dog fighting.


Pushing the “frigate” to capital ship size kind of limits the games fighter selection to much, so this is the best move.

rename then light fighter, heavy figther, and fighter, and call it a day.

I would say the frigate is frigate sized and the fighter is the heavy fighter.  Just look at the scale of the models in the hanger.  they have ppl standing around near the ships give a great reference to the ship scale.  The Frigates are 2-3+ stories from bottom to top, that is massive!  Also most of the Fighters push 1-2, that is a pretty heavy ship, more like a bomber plane IRL.  Compare the Interceptor model to current fighter jet designs and you will see that there pretty big in comparison, I think the only ship that is relative to modern fighter design is the Dwarf seeries.


It’s not that I don’t like your ideas, I really think you have some interesting concepts, but what you propose is really off of the scale of the current modeling system, the ships in this game are pretty massive, and making something as huge as a Frigate a heavy fighter really doesn’t jive with the current game design.


Also, were pretty late in the game to be making changes this big, this is open beta aka the polishing phase, mainly;

  1. The Mech/Module changes are quite drastic, this may have been changed during closed beta but retesting these kinds of changes now is just too late.

  2. The Skill changes can be pretty code invasive as well, this kind of stuff you would see closer to alpha/early closed beta.

  3. The Ship Class Rework, this stuff is totally Alpha, you would be asking them not only to recode a  HUGE chunk of the project, you are also asking the modelers/riggers to rescale/rebuild all the ship models, for every ship, for every faction…  That alone would be a massive undertaking.


Don’t get me wrong, you have great ideas, but you have to look at it from the Dev’s point of view when making suggestions, they don’t have infinite time, money, or manpower to do this stuff.


Ps:  I loved finally getting a chance to shoot you down the other day, you really need to try and flank me next time, but it was soooo much fun! :smiley:

the changes are very simple, its simply the reduction of a variable (Mass)


its not a hard thing to do, in fact i can do it myself if i had the ability.



As for the concept of a frigate, The size of men standing in the hanger has nothing to do with the performance of battle in the game.

nor its (frigates) ability to fit into that concept.


a lager frigate fits into the game, however it vastly diminishes the games choice of dog-fighting capable craft.

Frigate should simply reduce its mass, to fit the role of a heavy fighter. The modules dont really need to be changed AT ALL.

but the ship itself should get some tweaks to fit the role a little better (like maybe barrels on a few weapons slightly reduced).



I am already proposal massively lower damage rates on most weapons, and others that are low (to normalize the damage rates between 300-400 dps) so that the game is less instant pop. coupled with this idea, the game will be great for close combat.


as for the perspective in hanger, it can be let, or reduced it does not matter at this point, what matters is that the frigate moves from its terrible idea’d role as a smaller  capital to more of a heavy fighter, or corvette.

its not a hard thing to do, in fact i can do it myself if i had the ability.

This quote is soooo damn cute!  Anyone could do anything _ if _ they had the ability. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously tho, the ship scale in the hanger definitely matters, it is called “Continuity of Expectation” and this is how it works:


1)A new player who has just entered the game has no idea of the play mechanics, so, they look at the cool ship models and get a good sense of how the ship should preform in relation to the other ship classes.  In this case Frigates are 3+ stories high, that BTW is taller than my house , the point of reference here creates an expectation that this ship will be slow with massive power compared to the other ships, and for the most part that is how they currently feel in game.  


2)If the new player takes his new Frigate class ship out and the thing flies like a fighter it will break what is called “Suspension of Disbelief” and without suspension of disbelief you have no continuity of expectation - his expectation of how the Frigate _ should  _handle is broken and this pulls him out of the game _ immersion _.


Why is immersion important?  - Immersion gives you the simulated experience of being in the game world, and if the experience is positive you create an emotional attachment with the new player.


“Pffff what!?  Emotions!  this is a D00DZ game!”

Why emotional attachment? - without it, you don’t grow a player-base, without the player-base you don’t make money, and without money honey this game is gone