Mining Laser [Module]

I think someone posted something similar a while ago but I haven’t seen anything said about it so here’s this:

Name: Mining Laser

Type: Active Destroyer Module

Ranks: 8-14

Cooldown: 30s

Range: 900m

Energy: 200/s

Tooltip: Fires a large mining laser that will dig out valuable minerals and ores from asteroids. If a ship happens to be caught in the beam, they will be torn apart at an incredible rate.

Function: This would fire a large orange/yellow beam and if that beam hits an asteroid, an ore chunk will be “dug” out of the rock every 8 seconds or so, while the beam is still active. The user has to actively interact with the minerals that are dug out to retrieve them. The beam would deal something like 8,000 thermal/kinetic damage per second or something like that.

This have to be restricted to OS only.


Anyways, I love the idea, more interactive “searching for resources” but the thing is this will require new mechanics to be implemented. Not really new, the thing is:


They need to make it that if the laser hits an asteroid, the asteroid will have to respond by dropping out chunks of rocks and probably lots of small to medium rock and maybe thermal particles just for fun and visual effect. We already have lots of “rock” models in the game, so I don’t think this would be hard to make. This is my thinking, I am not really sure how it goes in the coding process.

I also have a proposal. Assimilation device. Assimilates resouces from the ship’s debris in OS.

You can scan and you can get random resources.

High chances of getting certain resources from certain types of ships, etc. Alien of course provide iridium, neodium ore and beryllium, etc.

I hope such great OS ideas are thought of/discussed when they gonna rework OS…

They said not too long ago that they were going to start focusing on OS, so maybe.

Sounds good (but OS only). Also, just for destros? Maybe different sizes for all ship types?

Sounds good (but OS only). Also, just for destros? Maybe different sizes for all ship types?

Other game have such a thing. Mining guns depending on ship size. Bigger ship = bigger mining gun. Not sure if it effects wither it mines faster/more resources.

Other game have such a thing.



Battlestar Galactica Online. I never played Eve.

Star Citizen. I’ve never played either of those.

Galaxy on Fire 1 and 2. 2 have a mining system, you don’t want to see it here, it’s boring. You target a rock, your ship go to the rock, and then there will be like up to 6 circles inside eachother (depends on how good the rock is) so all you have to do is keep the cursor inside those circles. As you go on, outer circles will disappear, until the smallest one inside remains, where the cursor moves faster and faster, oh and randomly as well. Yeah not clear explaining, but you don’t want that system to be in SC.