Mini review for Star Conflict

Hi guys


First let me thank Gaijin Entertainment for making this awesome f2p game for us. :)wt


I’m not a space game fan at all. But the game look promising to me from the first moment I saw its trailer.



Honestly , game graphic is just so-so . But what made this game very addictive is fun PVP modes and its Super Deep ships customization.


My suggestion is if Gaijin entertainment can improve the PVE mode  . This game won’t just good but great.


Full review here for those who haven’t played this game yet.


Star conflict game review

Thank you for your nice words and the detailed game review.

Keep on enjoying the game.

I disagree with your pve thoughts, i very much enjoy it, except that when theres the boss battle theres a russian warning i cant read (for all i know the boss is taunting my plasma guns)

well good review but there are some wrong facts in it - left a comment on what i disagree

There are ships that  buyable only by real money and guess what? Yea , they are more powerful than those you can buy with game money. Will this be the biggest problem of free-to-play game I have mentioned above?


This is not true. Prem ships do lack the faction special and minor stats compared to them. They are not stronger, in fact only the Steam DLC ships are equal to the Race variants by compensating the lack of special and stats by more passiv/active slots.


Only buff they have is maxed synergy upon purchase.

Eh the most reliable thing you can sell on an RMT is going to be vanity items, after that convinence items. Any weapons should be exactly like ones in game.