with the update, i got a mini-map 3D in battles

don’t like it and i would like to change it for a normal map, as before… but i don’t find where to change it in options /game

hope you didn’t deleted the choise we had.?

Should be under options-game.

no, didn’t find


ok, thank you xKostyan, can you take a screen of your options/game ? because i really don’t find where is it when i’m there…

and how can you get both  ??

Undock. That option appears only when you are not in the hangar.

yes, and i’m in os, and in despite all my try, i still have this s*** 3D map…

ohh i understood ! must change parameters on open space !!

thank you Niripas !

it 's done now

3 hours ago, xKostyan said: