Mini and fixed game modes

Hi all


I’m suggesting Mini fixed game modes customisable by the server host for example, a simple one would be simply only allowing a certain ship class to join the game.T2 frig only game, T1 intereceptor only game etc.


Also a game mode where when joining the game everyone has to use the same preconfigured ship, regardsless of ships you own. This would be a really fair way to play and I think the only true game mode worth playing tbh.


Also the most fun i’ve had playing this game has been with a T1 interceptor, with max throttle set, zoomed in, not using targeting button and either plasma/railguns( and possibly maybe one missile as an extra). Its a really fun way to play, no silly distractions just pure piloting. It would be cool to have a game mode where everyone is given the same preconfigured T1 ship with locked max throttle and locked zoomed in view.



These game modes are not ‘practice’ and should earn some experience and credits.


Thanks Rufe0