mine and cloaking fix

I would like to see the interceptor cloak last longer (15-25 seconds). It should also be given to the attack ship.
the federation cloak should be changed so that it will consume energy, and as a result, after depleting energy will uncloak, this should be set up for a base amount + a % of their energy. For example, consumes 25 energy + 1% of max capacitor.

second, i would like to see the missile silos changed so that each silo on a ship has a mass, for example i have a two missile silo’s each silo has 100 mass, each missile/mine/nuke has a mass to it. Nukes have 25 mass, so i can up to 5. Regular missiles have 10 mass, i can carry up to 10. Rockets have 5 mass i can carry up to 25. mines have 20 mass, i can carry 5.

Third, i would like to see minefields have various effects. First a mine field that if enemies get in 1.5km of it, the mines wil lfly after them for a short time, if they run out of field they explode. if they hit the target, they do damage.

the next time is a mine field that has cloaking capability, that does less damage then the others, but its not seen by hostile players, so if the normal mine field does 1000 damage per a min up to 5 mines, then the cloak will do 500 up to 5 mines.

Further, all mine(s) or minefields should last 3 minutes.

the purpose of this is to improve tactical options in the game.