Matchmaking reports

The matchmaking is designed to look for the players ship level, Tech and win/loose ratio.

This will lead to fact that you can be in a match with T2 vs T3.

But a T3 ships must not be worse than T2. If you have your T2 on level 5 it may be as good as T3 level 3 or even better.



It is known that the matchmaking is not always working perfectly so we need your help to localize the issues.

Please take a screen shot of the team set up and attach it with the following information: Time (and your time zone), How many players have been online and attach the game.log from this session. Please attach the game.log as .txt

(Documents/My Games/StarConflict/logs/)



The report should look like this:



Today, 01.08.12, 18:00 GMT+1. 500 Players online.


I think that the fight was not fair because one Team got 4 T4 players and the other team only 1 T4.

And here are the logs from the game client session:


Maybe add that the game logs are found in Documents/My Games/StarConflict/logs/

Also, you need to rename the extension to .txt, as uploading .log files is apparently not allowed…



I’ve already posted these two in the other thread, but I’ll attach the logs.


Date: 2013-01-18 (Fri Jan 2013), 01:05 GMT+1, don’t remember player count. 

5 Tier 2 + 7 Tier 1 VS 9 Tier 2 + 3 Tier 1:



[2013.01.18 22.33.53.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5130)

Date: 2013-01-21 (Mon Jan 2013), 16:38 GM+1, player count at about 300 IIRC
4 Tier 2 + 8 Tier 1 VS 7 Tier 2 + 5 Tier 1:



And just to add insult to injury, our Captain was Tier 1 while theirs was Tier 2…



[2013.01.21 15.49.35.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5129)

Date: 2013.01.22, 17:16 GMT+1, about 580 players online

2 Tier 2 + 6 Tier 1 VS 3 Tier 2 vs 5 Tier 1

Again, Tier 1 Captain on our side with Tier 2 Captain on their side



Date: 2013.01.22, 17:39 GMT+1, still about 580 players online

4 Tier 2 + 4 Tier 1 VS 2 Tier 2 + 6 Tier 1





Log for both:

[2013.01.22 17.14.43.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5158)

About 250 people online.


3x T3 or lower against 4x T4 & 2x T3.


[Neues Textdokument.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5237)

Date 30.01.2013 Time 17:00 Gmt+1  500 player online




[gamelog.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5294)




in both screens enemy cpt in a t3 ship and our team the cpt fly in a t2 


date 31.1.2013, Time 20:26 GMT +1, 600 players





date 31.1.2013, Time between 21:30 to 22:00 GMT+1, 500players







T1-T4, all mixed up


About 250 people online




+720 players


T1 - T4 mixed



This happen like 8/10 times


and often against a full team (4 guys) of ESB all Rank15, with 4 ships T4


I have nothing against ESB but this kind of MM broke the fun. Especially when it happens at all fights.



Interesting fact : when I play solo (t2), I never meet more than t3, but as soon as I am in a squad, it’s the parade of the T4 squads

[gamelog.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5331)


today 4:00 AM


220 Player


Our Cpt T3…Enemy…T4


and Teams not fair!!





btw i cant upload the game.log file


“send it to TS uploader”

i’ll use this thread to post a screenshot about the captain choosing which is sometimes quite unfair…




i won’t comment since the screenshot is fairly self-explaining

I can tell you why the matchmaker seems to go crazy sometimes: squads!


I have never been in a match with anyone more than 1 tier above me until i tried playing in a squad today. We were 3 T2’s and the only of our tier in a T3/T4 match. The best of us got 1 assist over the whole match …


I read on a loading screen that the more people are in a squad the higher tiers you have to fight against. Now i like the idea as it could go the other way and some pros could form a squad and own everything. I have seen it happen in other games. But this isn’t working. A squad of random players is treated the same as a squad of ESB… This is totally over the top.


Something has to be done about that, as anyone playing with a friend will get frustrated.

I suggest a unique rating for squads. A new squad would count as the sum of the players rating plus 20%. Adjust the rating depending on their wins/losses and match them with other squads / single playes accordingly.

Of course i dont know how the matchmaking for non squads works so i cant tell how difficult it is to implement this. Do devs read the english suggestions at all? I do have a idea about the perfect matchmaking system based on experience with other games that doesn’t need them to keep everyone in the dark about it. But i wont waste anymore time if they don’t read this.

I can tell you why the matchmaker seems to go crazy sometimes: squads!


Absolutly right!

Here’s an idea. Instead of being able to take three different ships into battle make it to where you can only take one ship of your choice into battle.


Kind of like World of Tanks does, this way players won’t be able to take a T1 along with thier T3 and if population is low get some MM miscarriage.

I agree. Most people have only one ship that they fly constanty and because I usually want to be in lower tier battles, I would just put 2 T1 ships and use my main T3 ship on every battle. 

The solo Matchmaking has a bug.

Sometimes, there are players/bots on the display, only the map.

The match ends immediately and i see the results of my last PvP match.

Only after a few times of trying i can finally test my ships.

Squad of 2 persons = no problem - always playing in the tier of our higher ship


Squad of 3 persons with at least 1 fighter or 1 interceptor engaged of our higher tier   = always engage in the upper tier fight, and always unbalanced


Squad of 3 persons with all fighter and interceptor of Tier-1 and Frigate of higher tier = playing in the  higher tier, and most of the time unbalanced

Today, roughly 30(?) minutes ago.


It was a Regular match, our team had 3 people that had only 1 ship, their team had 3 ships for everyone.


We lost, instantly, and hard. Because not only did we have people that died once and were out of the game, but those 3 people with 1 ship each were completely new and died within the first minute of the match leading to a crushing number advantage for the enemy team.


Welp, it happened again. Our team was down many many ships. Same scenario as last post. This happened about 2 minutes ago. Regular Match.


I am not ashamed to admit i just quit after the three 1 ship guys died again within a minute. I didn’t feel like getting crushed by overwhelming numbers again, i play this game for ship battles, not to get rolled over because they have ~2-3 more people in the fight.

  1. Squads should be matched against other squads. There are now thousands of players so this can happen.


  1. Player skill cannot be evaluated by win/lose ratio very well


The calculations need to be more complex.


Kill/Death Ratio

Score/Round (average)

of assists (average)

Amount of healing/round (average)


I can be a very skilled player but have a very bad win/lose ratio by playing with bad players.

About 10% of my games are actually fair games. It’s not about tiers but about squads filled with people with nothing but rare and epic weapons