Matchmaking/Custom games

I would like to suggest that the PVP and/or PVE matchmakers be removed, and leave the Sector Conquest in its matchmaker.

This will allow for much faster times to get in game, and as no one will be in the pvp/pve matchmaker queue’s, (For they will no longer exist.) there will be no shortage of players entering custom matches. Improve the custom battle to a large extent, though, currently, it’s looking fine.

Make it so you will gain normal rewards, and so on; ie, even if you have higher level ships than everyone else.

These matches will still be regulated via the manager, and the players will be able to witness the rules at work, so they’ll be able to give

better feedback. of course, they will still be able to switch to the unregulated settings. 

Allow corp vs corp type matches in the regulated section, and wing vs wing, or squad vs squad. (up to 32 in game, 16 per team)

Improve regulation settings; ie, make it so you can keep the regulated settings while still restricting tiers/ranks of ships. 


At the very least, it would be good to do this until the population starts booming.


Sound off below. 

My english isn’t too good , but i think is the same thing i’m thinking since long too. Many in the Italian alliance corp have the same idea about it.

Maybe would be nice also see names as so:

custom for unregulated (with any rewards) for practice etc

rooms  pvp   in place of the actual pvp

rooms for pve  in place of actual pve

Sector as it is.

This ^

Then there would be a lot of people only focusing on one game mode, the wait times would actually increase because some people would avoid certain team possibilities, etc.  It would actually discourage new people from playing the game and learning the game.

I’m sure that would depend. how about a one week test? and if it works out, one month. If all goes well then, would you have any objections?

Remember, they will be implementing a sandbox. not everyone is going to be in queue, from then on.