match maker revamp.

as of now i had no problem with the match maker for 2 reasons

  1. it seems to operate right aslong as you have enough players

  2. were in beta and nothing better has been suggested

so after thinking about it for about 5 seconds, i realised that this game can use the Lobby system with much more ease.

the Lobby system is taken from quite a few games(personaly i know it from gunz and a few other online games)

the idea is simple, the hangar as of now is basicly a “town” of sorts and to play the actual game you need to apply in the MM

and simply wait for a room(sector) to be opened.

the Lobby system will make it simpler and give the players more control over where and what they play in(different types of matches, when and if we get it…).

the ability to make a room and simply jump into battle when everyone are ready is simpler and has more pros than cons


  • the ability to see who youre playing with can save alot of grief(team frigblob can enjoy playing alone)

  • the ability to restrict it to a certain rank and or skill point amount to prevent higher ranked player who use a certain tier to gain an unfair advantage and dominate matches(main problem of match maker)

  • the ability to balance the teams using logic and people consent rather than tiers(some fights are extremly one sided)

  • a certain boost to the communication side of the game due to extra channels of discussion

  • the freedom to choose a map which the majority favours.

  • applying bots(and maybe presetting commands?) for each certain team.


-matches will probably take more time to arrange, unless the people in the said room know what they want.

-while solving some grief, it can add some too…

kicking, restricting, elitist matching, all of those are possible when the players get more freedom…

-could remove some of the player interest if people are always choosing the same map because it suits them best

-same as above with bots

those are what i can think of as of now

i guess this needs some serious brain storming to make it work for everyone

anyways, discuss, sign etc etc

Not a bad idea. For me it’s strictly because of the fact that a player can get matched up against stronger tier ships… Hopefully this will improve when and if more players join

glad someone agrees. ;3

my main point here is player control, if this gets through we can realy fix the one sided fights that happen here and there.