Match found

Where’s the big ‘boom’ gone when a match is found, it’s really bland without it, just silently getting thrown into a match.

I surfing net and then I see I’m in battle, same issue.

I guess its on rework, for general more hq or more variability or so – or maybe to spare bandwidth because of more objects in battles and higher res graphics ??

well, it’s still not come back, fractured Space has a good ‘boom’ match found, I’ll be playing that until the Star Con Dev’s put the sound back, it’s only a small thing, but makes all the difference.

There should be an announcer sound - “Prepare for battle!”

yeah always nice when you wait for a match and browse around and you notice by chance that the Star Conflict tab is blinking that something happened.


Even more funny when you are down and browse then in the background (cus the match still has a fair amount of time (looking at you Space Operation)) and you tab back in when the battle is over and you only 5 secs for loot left lol cus if you play the game with all sounds disabled you don´t will notice it at any point.