Mark spawn areas on minimap

As the subject calls. Mark the spawn areas on the minimap. In Domination it’s very important to know which side you start, even in Beacon Hunt sometimes.

YES!!! please!!! that would make things sooooooo much nicer at launch B^)

YES!!! please!!! that would make it sooooooo much easier to spawn camp



how would that make it easier to spawn camp?? i mean how can it get any easier than going to the opposite side of where you spawn??



also they could make it where they only show your teams spawn point if you really think that would help keep people from spawn killing…B^P

I find I like the surprise, but as soon as I spawn the first time I know where I am for the rest of the game. Of course I try not to have to spawn as much anymore :smoke:

Yeah, it’s really only important at the first spawn. But than it’s very. A couple of seconds can mean a captured beacon.

It would be nice for those who have a harder time orienting themselves in a 3d space. Those who camp spawns already know where to go either way.

Yes please!!!