Mark/Sort Seed Chips

The ability to sort seed chips is long overdue, and I believe the simplest way to do this would be to add a simple checkbox panel where you can select the effects that you want to search for. For example, if I wanted to find all of my chips that enhance kinetic damage and shield regeneration, I’d simply check those boxes and all other chips would be sorted out.

Another super simple but effective thing to add would be the ability to star certain seed chips. By “star” I mean mark with a little star or asterisk or something for any reason. This would be helpful for when one is weeding out junk chips and wants to keep only their best.

Agreed. I would also love the ability to properly sort by rank of the seed chip. With the current system, you can merely set a maximum rank you want to see, but not a minimum (e.g. if you sort by r15 chips, you will see all chips up to r15, rather than merely the r15 ones).