Mark 5 Workshop Items and Mark 5 Kits

Any missing Mark 5 weapons, modules and equipment should be added to the Workshop.

The Workshop should get just one additional category - Equipment tab, where all items are also categorized by additional tabs: Engine, Capacitor, Shield, Hull and CPU categories.

Blueprints for all currently missing modules, weapons and equipment should be obtainable by credits or in Open Space mode.

If there is already an exclusive Mark 4 Item, then also include a Mark 5 variant of it.

Costs of Mark 5 upgrades in general may need to be reduced accordingly up to 50% for monocrystals.




We also need to discuss Mark 5 Kits.

Mark 5 Kits should be given as well.

They should be given as any regular items, but by upgrading or converting a specific  Mark 4 Kit item during the looting screen with monocrystal upgrade option.

Any such Kit item becomes a Mark 5 Kit  item automatically, if chosen to do so.

Monocrystal cost in such case should be slightly increased, than if you would create such specific item directly in the Workshop.

Why? Because you disregard other resources.

 You can then upgrade any existing Mark 4 item to Mark 5 item variant in your Armory by such upgrade Kit.


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