Maps: Black Wood PVP Maps, to add in the rotation

Pve maps to add to PVP map modes for rotation in current set up.

First option would the easy one. Which would be to use each PVE map stage as a battle ground with the standard MM rules for PVP for any given PVE map.


BlackWood Stage one:

2 ways to do this. Easy way would be to add map into match making map list to pull from and just use it as a battle ground.

Second and cooler way would be for it to play like this, or similar.  This map would be 2 stages.

Attackers vs Defenders, and Defenders vs Attackers, same map


Attackers: would have spawn tickets, they would be the same as the waves. 1 thru 3 

The waves would represent the ticket count. The players would have no choice of what ship they use. They would use the ships as the current enemies use including boss.


The Defenders: need to protect the 3 beacons until all attacker tickets have run out.The end of the round 2 the players would switch roles. The defenders would have up to 4 ships to choose from. Just as when they initiated the match making process. Not sure if one ship per death or only one spawn would be best.

I see some possible bugs with this, but this is just an idea to build on.


BlackWood Stage Two Map: Same concept as above.

The Attackers:  Will be the 4 players whose objective is to take out the Nav stations.

The Defenders: would have the same spawning cycle as in PVE. They would have no choice in the ship they get. It would be what ever the ai would use. This would be a completely different map for pvp to add in to the rotation. It would be 2 stages where the players swap roles at the end, like stated above.


2nd And of course this could just be a PVP 10 vs10 map for the easy way.


BlackWood Stage 3 Map: Same concept as above. One lucky player gets to be Boss, and the others would be part of the wave tickets. 2 stages where both teams get a chance.


Problem I have not figured a fix for is for this to work it would have to be 4vs4. But this may also help match making.


I would like to see all the PVE maps done up like this. It would add some cool new modes to the game.

All the ground work is here, but I am sure it would take time to make this work.


Please vote this UP if you think this idea worth considering. :good:**  **



Sorry for big text doing it on a 1200p monitor. Corrected.

I think the map itself is EXTREMELY small and doesn’t really have “balanced” cover, this map is not dynamic nor tactical, it is just OLOLOLO RUSH well as fast you can olololo rush on frigates, it promotes frigballing to the end, map is absolutely not suited for 12v12 and making it exception and be a 4v4/ 6v6 in general rotation is a mistake (i dont care for customs, but then its kind waste of effort and still not worth it)




The maps would need more objects added first so they reach the 40k diameter. Right now i think they sit @ 15-20k which is half. Teams would spawn directly in disintegrator / beam cannon etc ranges. Otherwise they DO have a more interesting layout than… goddamned asteroids everywhere as most pvp maps have. Thar is the only non-asteroid map and for that single reason it’s my favourite (heard that dev team?) x|

I like the idea personally, probably because I a similar one myself too, just less pertaining to the PVE scenario and more of an emphasis on the simple factor that PVE has that there would be multiple stages or elements per encounter.


There wouldn’t need to be any loading screens like there are in PVE either, simply large enough battlefields that will accommodate 3 or more goals such as ‘destroy the capital shield battery’ e.g pirate PVE, ‘disable the two counter-attacking  dreadnoughts’ via breakable components on the ship, and finally ‘fly to the heart of the deathstar’ aka destroy the key objective.

In order to prevent defence from camping, mobile drone-building bunkers would be deployed by the offensive team’s dreadnought, which is circling the enemies super-space-station, which would gradually build up glass-cannon-clusters of heavy dps that the defensive team _must_ deal with. 

One team would play offence, the other defence. Each game would last about 15-20 minutes. 


But then, this and your example both share one fundamental aspect, they intend to add more depth than the current PVP scenarios offer, making them more interesting/fun than current content. I believe stargem are slowly on their way to achieving this, in whatever way they ‘see fit’.


+1 anyway because it would only improve the game imo… if done right of course :slight_smile:

The map would add new dynamics to matches, there’s only a few problems with the idea.  The PvE maps are small.  They’re a lot smaller than the PvP maps.  There’s also that wide open space between the two stations.  It’s still one map, there’s just one large sniper’s paradise between them.  If there was something between the two stations it could make for a nice capture the beacons.  The map would need to be reworked so much to be good for PvP it’d be better to use the basic ideas and create a new PvP map.  Most of the PvE maps could lead to good PvP maps with the right tuning.

It seems this is hidden now. :( 


I know not the best written piece here, but to hide it? What did I do wrong now?



It seems this is hidden now. :( 


I know not the best written piece here, but to hide it? What did I do wrong now?



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