Map Vision and Pre-combat Chamber Interface



In the map and in the pre-combat chamber (where you choose your ship before the game and when you die) there is a possibility to hide  the player list but not your available ships and modules.

I think it will be good if we could hide everything to see only the map, once the interface block the ships many times when the scenario is big.


Another problem that i see is that when the players are too close to the borders we can’t see them in the map, there should be a way to pan the map or change the zoom, so we could see all the players in the map vision.


Edit: I just realize that would be great if the number of allies and enemies in Frigates, Fighters and Interceptors would be display. That way if you see that there are a lot of one class of ship you choose another.


cool suggestion – the interface when u die should show ur active contracts

Agree, the ability to hide icons on a key press would be awesome !!


 the amount of times i want to check on either captain to check their health, freind and foe to wether i should get support frig or inty.