Map Grid Call Letters/Numbers

  There is already a map grid in the game when you open your map,  But it lacks Letters at the Side and numbers at the top.  So that someone can say “Everyone attack the sniper at A-6” 


 This would be a very easy update I am amazed it hasn’t already been done.


 Secondly you could go above and beyond that and have a way to highlight a grid square by clicking on it.  So you can tell your squad members where your referring to.



 That’s my two cents



Keep in mind its not a 2D grid, its a 3D grid. 

i second this it

would also be nice if each enemy was assigned a letter so i can call targets without having to try and pronounce the name all the time i dont like to spam chat with everyone eyes on … all the time if all i need to do is get my squad to focus fire 1 target would love to just be able to say focus fire alpha or bravo and so on many other games have this feature and i think it could help squad flight alot

Keep in mind its not a 2D grid, its a 3D grid. 

true grid ref would be hard