Making a corporation - Something for everyone?

Hi guys.
Is there any point in making a corporation for just a few members?
I Imagine its something like a guild or a clan, but is there any benefits if we are just a handful of people who plays together?
And what is the deal about the Dreadnought construction?

Would be awesome if someone could put things a bit in perspective.



A corp would probably help a bit with that, but not as much as you might think. You’d get a corp tag and possibly logo; a chat room all to yourselves; a tab in the hangar to see if other corp-mates are on, in battle, in PvE, or in invasion; a corporation leaderboard/e-peen contest; and access to sector conquest, assuming you have at least three R11+ ships. Dreadnought construction isn’t out yet.


I mean, if one of you has enough disposable income to make a corp, then it might be nice, just for the convenience of the in hangar corp tab and corp chat. It’s not really a huge deal, though.

Well put it this way, my corp has 61 members last time I checked last night, we have around 5-15 that play sector conquest, and we have a sector right now which gives all the players 120,000 credits 11 times. So if you have a corp with high levels, the lower levels are getting money basically just for being in the corp.

actually my proposal is to join an existing corp.


You can take the advantage of a corp without spending money on initate it, host a TS etc.

And you have expirienced player to help you if you have some questions.


See a list of english corps here

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/14458-list-of-active-english-corporations-in-star-conflict/)

Follow these steps 


  • Join a major corp that plays a lot of Sector Conquest
  • log in when they are playing Sector Conquest
  • ???
  • Profit

as a small group playing, most corps will actually love to add you to their memberlist, because its simply easier to add a squad of players to your existing playerbase, than recruiting one-by-one.

this makes it easier, for all players to squad up for the daily skirmishes.

so yeah, as others said, if you do not have a clear vision for a corp, think about joining an existing one. there are myriads of them.