Make Weapons Upgradeable to Next Tier

The grind in this game for new players is ridiculous. but what if new players could upgrade their t1 purple plasma gun to a t2 blue plasma gun with a few monos? The price would increase the higher the tier. this would make the equipment barrier between new and experienced players far less detrimental to the game. A completely white ship is not going to be able to take on a fully upgraded one. 


I haven’t figured out how many monos it would cost to do this so suggestions would be welcome. :slight_smile:


tell me what you think. 

maybe only green. green t2 vs purple t1, green t2 will win every time (in even circumstances, class for class, 1v1) unless the green t2 pilot has no clue whatsoever or purple t1 is actually a t5 who’s going down to kill fresh meat

well the hardest thing about upgrades is vouchers so if we made it so they didn’t need as many vouchers, that would be helpful. 

then it will remove a lot of grinding and make progression TOO easy, it is a little tough now but with determination and an understanding of your assignments for the vouchers it isn’t incredibly difficult

I am against such an idea.

I had leveled up all of my weapons to mark IV without using any GS methods, so I only used well earned loyalty vouchers and an Iridium. Now I am stuck with 6000000 loyalty vouchers and I cannot spend them.

You can’t just upgrade the weapon to higher tier. It makes no sense.

Time isn’t your enemy. You only need to be patient and I am sure that in 1 - 2 years you will have all of your ships maxed out.

Patience and Nerves of Steel is the key for “Grind” Conlict, I meant to say, Star Conflict. If you can’t wait for so long, you can always buy the upgrade.

However, I wouldn’t advise you to pay, since the prices are just so high and unrealistic.

I better not tell you how much money in EUR you would need to pay just to upgrade 1 T5 weapon from mk II to mark III and then to mark IV with GS.

It’s just ridiculous. People would quit the game, before they would even try to play it.


Too bad that there is no trading system…


you would loose all items from lower tiers which you may like to play later


Also it heavily supports tier-rushers which all complain about too