Make the Mass Shield Generator aura not affect ships that have recently taken hull damage

One of the problems of repair modules at the moment is that once a ship is in hull, both the mass shield generator and nanodrone cloud affect the ship. This has two effects:

* While the nanodrone cloud and mass shield generator’s individual repair rates aren’t crazy, when combined they get a bit high.

* It unbalances the game in favour of hull tanking, because the longer your ship is in hull instead of shield, the more

you benefit from repair auras.


My solution would be to not allow the mass shield generator to affect ships that have taken hull damage within the last 5 seconds. This would essentially mean that while being shot at a ship in shield receives the benefit of only the shield regen aura, and once in hull receives only the hull regen aura, never both.


Might want to cause this to not trigger on hull damage from crashes though. Or do cause it to trigger on crashes and make us learn to fly properly…



Edit: To be clear, this is NOT making repair auras non-combat only. The purpose is to make only the shield aura apply when you’re in shield and only the hull aura apply when you’re in hull. Right now BOTH auras apply when you’re in hull, which is the imbalance I’m trying to fix with this.

Sounds reasonable.

*When shield is depleated, it need 5 seconds without taking dmg to resume shield regen(both automatic shield regen and “mass shield generator”)

That’s probably a better way of putting it yes, and also neatly dodges the problem of hull damage from crashes.

what hell would be the point in usieng it hello the only reason we use it is so right then and their we can heal or help other ships its like saying you cant use your medic cvharacter in combat the hwo in the hell are you going to heal other palyers

If I decode that correctly, no, it’s not like that. This proposal doesn’t prevent the mass shield generator from working in combat.

i like the idea - tech or “medic” should be somewhere around so that ships who have engaged in fight and survived can come to medic for fast heal and go in fight again - atm the epic immortality aura is way to epic 

To be clear (again), this proposal would NOT change the auras to non-combat only.

Feel free to raise another thread for that if you like it. Personally I think it’s a bad idea, but it might be worth discussing. But I’d rather not discuss it in this thread to avoid confusion.