Make Static Shields Solid

The static shields on Destroyers are a great thing, but given the low up-time and low durability, and the fact that people can easily get too close for comfort, I suggest that the static shields behave exactly like the Turtle shields(but still temporary!!), as in the original suggestion, and act as solid walls. This way, tactical use of them will stop invaders from bypassing the shield as easily and make actual Turtles in PvE not be death traps. XD

I would prefer making them tougher, but with a lot longer respawn time.

I would prefer making them tougher, but with a lot longer respawn time.

I agree

I would not change the shield respawn time because longer cooldown would prevent you to reposition your shields according to the quickly changing combat situations. This would make your destroyer’s shield good only for long range combat.

I like this solid shield idea. It could be a different shield type as there are different missiles. So, we could choose which one to use. Or even better make key bind for rotating between the shield options.



I’d love it if the shield is solid.

But engineer shields are not allowing shooting through. Won’t it be a huge nerf?

I think turtles can shoot through their shields and push you at the same time… although I am not 100% sure about it. And even though it was a solid shield that wouldn’t allow projectiles go through outbound as well it would have a big advantage: we could defend weak spots  and could reduce the area to focus on. Lets say we had two types of rotatable shields (similarly to its current ‘F’ special module) in missile slot. The solid and the current static shield. You could put a solid shield behind your ship to defend engine side and make small ships to go around it. Then you could switch to the regular shield and defend the front and sides or wherever its necessary and focus your fire at that area. I think it would be awesome.

Turtles can fire through their solid shields.

Turtle shields and engi shields are completely different.

Turtle shields, as stated, can be fired through, yet are also solid objects, so that if something tries to get through, it can’t.

This would change nothing but the fact that enemies would no longer be able to pass through them.