Make ships completely paintable

I’d have spent a lot of GS painting ships if we could paint them entirely (and if we had more colours). I mean look at this:


The grey, the white and the yellow are colours I cannot change. They cover large parts of the ship (underside as well). As you can see this looks bad if you want to paint the ship in different colours.

Some ships are better, some are worse, but none can be painted entirely. Imperial ships seem to be worst off in this respect.

Suggest you change it so we can paint an entire ship in a single colour if we want. And I mean everything. Including the gun and module housings.

I also don’t like the fact that you have to spend 3 x GS just to paint a ship as one colour

That, too, but it’s a different issue.

I think the actual gun models change depending on what you have equipped don’t they? so each weapon would have its own color layer to be doused in any fashion.


Imagine an editor where you could directly paint onto your ship, then install it into a ‘cosmetic module’ slot on your ship.


I agree though, it should be a flat base color, then additional colors be layered on top of it if a user chooses to use them. Or they can be activated to block out some color from the layer below it back to the original colors, for no cost. ?

We should just have a pallete, and not 10-12 colours :frowning:

That, too, but it’s a different issue.


solving my issue should solve yours too. we need selectable liveries before we choose our colours.

Yet another different issue, but I agree as well. I know I spent more money on visuals in PS2 than any other game (and regret none of it). Which brings us back to lumifiber I guess. ;D

i just wish ALL ships were paintable B^( my firefly would look soooo much better if i could repaint it B^(


whats also annoying are some of the paint patterns. it would be nice if we could choose from different patterns.



i agree with you though. it should cover up the lines or at least let you change the color of them!