make open space more open

by the title i mean you have areas in open space with ship rank locks, and i think you should treat them more as ship rank suggestions rather than locks so that even with a rank 1 ship you can fly anywhere in open space and be ready to accept your fate whatever it will be.


just don’t keep us locked to areas because of ship rank we go to open space to fly around and be free not to be locked behind doors. plus you remodeled the T1 empire ships and i want to try to kill the defiler in open space with one 

First of all; lol.

Second of all, I really support this. It has been suggested over and over again, but for some reason the devs won’t do it. They say “it will scare off new players” but really all it will do is scare them back in to PvP, which is a good thing. These Russian crazies need someone on the team with a smidgen of open-mindedness.

why would it scare them away they wouldn’t need to go to the high rank areas it would be like exe online where you could stay in the low rank “safe” areas but if you want to explore and have fun with pvp then go out into the more dangerous areas.


i really hate how there isn’t a lot of open space pvp and this would be a lot of fun, because it would have everyone fighting each other in mixed ranks where players can show off how skilled they really are by killing higher tier ships it would also make being in a corporation more fun as people with lower tier ships could join with higher tier ships to help them pvp

Newbie met Predator. Never seen again the newbie.

For me this doesn’t matter if this happen.

+1 for open sectors to all!!!

I like the idea! :slight_smile: i know first time i play this game i try to go as far as i can and exploring sc universe but i get a bit dispointed when i saw the lvl restriction :confused: so yea that will be realy nice if os became open to all! ^^



(stay away from predator ofc)

How can you stay away from predators with their mighty map-wide aggro?

We have some plans to change OS pretty seriously. Not soon, but will be.

How can you stay away from predators with their mighty map-wide aggro?