Make Iridium caches available in a separate trade window, also include tokens!

I would have prefer to have all available Iridium caches displayed in a separate trade window, but in a bit more organized fashion, listed by selected categories, but all always available.


Instead of using refined Iridium, we should get tokens from the loot instead.


Once again, there are 3 kinds of tokens to get during looting screen:

To get a token, you also need to win a battle. Defeats don’t count.

Tokens can be obtainable from PvP, PvE and Special Ops only.

Daily progressive cap limit for Tokens is 5.

  • Tier III Tokens

  • Tier IV Tokens

  • Tier V Tokens


Why tokens?

Token can provide an additional layer of security, when you want get Iridium caches.

Now, very rich people with very high amounts of refined Iridium can use it on all containers in massive quantities, thus gaining an advantage over other players who don’t have as much.

Well, now they won’t be able abuse this, because without a proper tokens, you can’t get a container, making their advantage nullified and make chances more even for other players.

This will also slightly “optimize” the current Trading system and prevent spending Iridium without limits, thus reducing the amount of spam boxes in the Trade chat.

Each token can be used to unlock wanted container with refined Iridium resource combined. Nothing changes in that regard. We basically got such system already.

This suggestion is (S)Targem and Gaijin friendly.

Seal of approval granted!  ![:yes_yes_yes:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/yes_yes_yes.gif “:yes_yes_yes:”)

Added for review.

On 5/23/2017 at 0:40 PM, ORCA1911 said:

Added for review.

Thank you.