Make Customizing Free

Customizing your ship costs a crazy amount of gold and few people even use it except for presets. This is an awesome feature of star conflict that is sadly, largely unused. 


I suggest that you make it free to change paint colors or make it cost credits and reserve gold standards for decals. 

Cosmetic customization is one of the best monetizing techniques… doesn’t affect the gameplay and is largely for your own eyes

I could maybe agree with lowering prices for high tiers (and keeping colors intact for switching) but making them free? no




largely unused. 

I’ve customized more than 20 ships- some multiple times. And I know many others who have, as well

I can vote for free if it stays as limited as it is. If they want to keep the price tag on it, a full-range color picker tool would be appropriate.

Most games use such ways to earn money, so I guess the answer is pretty obvious.

Most games use such ways to earn money, so I guess the answer is pretty obvious.


I would rather have expensive GS unlockable palette of colors, than single colors that have to be bought on EVERY ship separately.

I think that one change that is necessary would be to make the color/icon permanent, not in the current sense though. Permanent as in you can remove it from the ship and it will go into a warehouse of sorts, so you can put a different icon or paintjob on, but not lose the other one. I feel like this would only increase monetization from this, as people may want to buy multiple paint-jobs for a ship.

Pay To Win Dude! Look at my $paceJacht GS P2W $park, ready to kill anybody! Dollar eveywhere! They should add EURO sign as well for moar money.

Customization is ok for $$$ it doesn’t makes you stronger I think the price and the model in this case is ok. I only wish more presets at the Steam store.


But red ship fly faster…

But red ship fly faster…

Yes but the gold ship cost more :smiley:

Just wait for invisible paint;)

Just wait for invisible paint;)

i hear you let kosty test it. 

Leaked photo:




Okay so at least make customization more affordable plz. It’s crazy how much they cost. 


Or keep prices, make it so you get the color permanently and can put it on all other ships. Or add interceptor or tier based paints (not both)