Major problems with the game

Getting a team of 7k+ sr people is all well and good when ur vsing low sr people on the other team, but if you and your team mates all have ping and packet loss while your enemies don’t, you have no chance. Factor in ping to matchmaking. I got captain when i had 300 ping and packet loss too. That is a big issue. Another BIG issue for me is that I play t4 and I keep finding these freaking Aces who bring in rank 6 ships. That MUST be stopped because I got stuck with somebody flying an alligator m and another dude flying a crappy t3 ship in a 3v3 match in t4, both on the same team as me with me having 300 ping and packet loss and I was captain. Another problem for me is getting stuck with players from PUD. Most of the people from that corp that i’ve played with have had 3 t4 ships that they brought into sec con. All white weapons and modules. Sec con SHOULD require 4 rank 11 ships or higher instead of 3. 

This here is an ArcTic in it’s natural habitat. Watch how it grazes among the rhinoceros dung. What is this? It is making grunts. It seems angry. Look at those majestic nostrils it has ands how the prime ArcTic specimen breathes. You can practically see the mist pouring out. Oh no! It’s charging towards me. Oh but it snaps back! It seems even angrier! The ArcTic seems to be experiencing a phenomenon called lag. Most animals frequent this disease from time to time but the ArcTic cannot seem to handle it. What is this? Oh! It seems it is being chased by a wolf. It dieded.

Later that day~

The honey badger seems to be picking up the scraps.

Why the heck does the forum replace the word N-O-O-B with Ace? Aces are different lol and Ace means a newbie to the game. someone who is new. Everyone was a Ace at one time.


Cute story efefay, i hope you got an A on it but oh well if you didn’t. Middle school teachers are much harder these days. 


Also, you should be able to repair yourself with eclipse. 

Getting a team of 7k+ sr people is all well and good when ur vsing low sr people on the other team

Stopped reading right there.


If you think this is NORMAL, then you’re in the wrong game.

My solution to lag: fly frigates. they dont care about lag. :012j:

MM is likely run by one server, then matches are hosted by the ones we see in the list.


Adding ping to the MM AI will probably make us have that terrible in hangar lag again. Like right after the 1.0 patch…


Though if it is possible to take ping into consideration without causing further issues it would be nice…

A simple ping test by the server would be nice. Frigates don’t care about lag, but what about detonation?