Lvl 60 pve

there is a small problem with pve lvl 60:
once the mission is done, validating it makes it disappear.
If we want to help someone to do it, they have to invite us.
But if that person doesn’t have a higher or egal ship than the one we’re using, we can’t help him.
lvl 60 is a high lvl which allows us to help only one small level. because it is important to be at least 3 with high levels of attack. Long story short, it would be nice to have the ability to click on the pve mission board with battle lvl 30 and battle lvl 60 while they are available.
In addition, do these missions in a group of 4 with people who have not yet done so is not a guarantee of being able to put lvl 60 since it depends on the level that has been unlocked previously.
thank you :slight_smile: