Luring mini-rewards

There is no doubt that Star Conflict is one of the most innovative games in its genre and (in my opinion) the best one online. Whilst scrolling through the endless paragraphs of the SC Forums, I spottet some posts, that speak of a lack of players in the game. It is still in Beta-phase, however, the number of players “testing” the game did not really increase much, since the game was accessable at steam. Some players mentioned a certain grind, that causes players to quit early, which brought up the question why most of the grinding MMOs keep their players even for years. The reason might be small rewards, just like a little of loot, that gives the player few points progress in the game. Ship Synergy, Implants and money didn’t seem to be very usefull as such.


So my idea is, to add a feature that gives pilots small rewards for every certain actions pilots perform, kinda like the skill system in early closed beta stage was. The System of luring mini-rewards is frequently used by MMOs and the idea of it is great. People are pleased of progress in the game they’re playing and mini-rewards are like small snacks for the player’s minds which tempt them to play more (and again of course).


Maybe the devs already planned something like this in the new Open Space mode, so this post will be meaningless in a few weeks, and if not, they should make it a serious issue in development plan, because every MMO needs a certain player base.


Greets, Mendoza :wink:



6+ months ago, there was a Experience system where you earned XP points and that’s how you unlocked perks for ships (Instead of being built into them), but alias been removed. 


JP, a Veteran. 

I feel the developers have done everything in there power to prevent stronger ships from destroying weaking ships.


The little perks are the modules and ships themselves.


This game isn’t all about leveling. It ‘currently’ is a match based game, just like UT and counter strike before it.


It is simply hard to learn space tatics. This game more then any other requires you to learn or lose.


I feel we are losing players due to there in ability to adapt to the fact that you don’t get to turn this into a 2D over head where you point click and actually let leveling give you a win.


This game requires actual skill. I can go into a match and know 90% of the time if it is a win or loss on who is on what teams. Ships levels within teirs matter for much less then what most people are saying.


Some people are able to adapt to the presence of the third dimmension, most are not. That is really what we are facing off against in getting a player base.

U realize when the fleet stength system first came out, it was like X/30k people, bu now its like X/300k people

U realize when the fleet stength system first came out, it was like X/30k people, bu now its like X/300k people

I wasn’t even out of Tier 2 ships when I was 40k of said 300k. 90% barely make it through T2 without stopping it seems.


Good to see you back after so long mendoza