LRFs special modules visibility and missiles

I’m probably not the only one asking himself where’s the sniper gun on a ELRF is for the first time flying one of them, not to mention the bigass torp of the JLRF ships. Other than LRFs, and their special module visibility, my suggestion is also about being able to see the missiles on ships of various roles as well, seeing them visually equipped just like every other weapon and active module. They also may or may not have the damage type designated colors on them as well as some kind of skins in the future to give it a nice fancy look together with possible weapon skins/color sets that also might be introduced someday.

I Agree. The Disintegrator could be some sort of a big turret on the underside of the frigate. Some Ships (for example the Saw One) do already have missile pods. It would be a nice touch, if these were actually used to launch missiles. The warheads of the equipped missiles should be sticking out of these pods, with a glow in the colour of their damage type. I am aware of the low priority of these details, but it would add some quality to the overall appereance of the game.

It’s something that will be introduced probably in a not so distant future i hope. It’s not something of high priority but it would be a nice detail ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)