LRF Dis-integrator/Guided Torpedo

Been flying some LRF lately and had a thought…

Dis-integrator and Guided Torpedo are only available in “Thermal Damage” variations. 

What if we had the option to select between “EM Damage”/“Kinetic Damage” variations of these LRF F Modules.

Thoughts/Suggestions Welcomed


All  special modules - with the exception of the Sting - deal thermal damage. Considering that thermal damage is the all-round damage base type, this should remain unchanged.

The Condensing Crystals also deal EM damage.

Modular damage type would lead to abusing weakpoints in hull or shield, thermal is the best middleground thus chosen as default damage type. There won’t be any change in that manner.

Where is the “Sting” from ? Stingray ship? What are its characteristics?

Overdrive for 4 seconds, with the addition of a plasma arc that deals very high damage. Basically, it’s a piercing gunship module against destroyers.

Also, I didn’t know I was saving for another EM weapon, nice to know that little detail about the Condensing Crystals module. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)