Loyalty contracts - ability to reset a contract

Community feedback should count for something.

We are still suggesting, that PvP kills for rank 13-15 contract (200 kills or assist kills) should count there, meaning in PvE, because this contract is actually comparable to other contracts, but with one exception.

You rely too much on the matchmaker, waiting times, game modes and especially number of active players. Such contract can be completed in 2-6 hours, which shouldn’t be the case.


However, if you refuse to do that, you should at least offer the option to cancel any contracts that we do not want to complete. Win 10 battles and kill 200 ships are the most time consuming.

I am only discussing the one for 200 ship kills, the other ones are fine.


With all DLCs and Premium license you can only get 87750 loyalty for each faction, which is less, than I used to get with the old contract system, because there were many, some of them were not on cool-down or only for 1 hour.


It’s getting incredibly annoying that many player get “random-based contracts” that cannot be cancelled.

Please, implement the option to cancel a pending contract.

Upon cancelling or terminating the contract, another one will come as a replacement, that it’s not the same as the one that was just terminated.

Number of reset attempts should be limited.






No to the first, but it should be reduced to 100. People will find a way to abuse this in PvE.

Yes to the second and limited once to the third like the mono quests 

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33 minutes ago, Shotan said:

No to the first, but it should be reduced to 100. People will find a way to abuse this in PvE.

Yes to the second and limited once to the third like the mono quests 

Okay, then lower the number to 100. Case closed. Golden middle, I guess.

You can cancel 1 contract from all 3 faction, same as with monocrystal dailies.

Contract Destroy or help destroy 200 ships should have PvP only tag displayed.


For rank 13-15, there should be only these contracts and not many variations of the same.

Help or help destroy 100 ships.

Reach 15000 efficiency points.

Deal 1200000 damage to the enemy.

Win 10 battles.

Or maybe just 50 given that it’s T5 only. That’s madness.

Yes because being able to do the others(except the victory)in one battle is perfectly fine,you need examples?

Farm the turrets on the Fort for the effectiveness,or solo the cruiser on T5 FS or DC for damage.

voted, yes, yes, and limited…and if at least we could find these pvp vouchers in open space…but open space is dead now. Too bad, had really fun here.

Since your  x-mas update, all missions are a racing and not really funny…even for pvp lovers, not sure they have fun, finally.

no matter, waiting for normal days, where spacial scanner will worth again, i hope… so, waiting this moment, i go sleep earlier.

The whole contract system is ****.
0 progression since introduction.
To difficult? A bit.
To restricting? A lot.
Impossible? Indeed!
They should split each contract into 5. 1 for each tier(example kill x ships with a ship of rank 1 and higher). Reward structure: 10%|15%|20%|25%|30% Tier 1|2|3|4|5
They shouldn’t reset/being disabled if you switch faction.

I don’t play T5, I don’t have 100h/day to complete them and I’m especially not going to play 100% of my time in PvP to fulfill one of those ridiculous contracts.

It takes a few days of play to do some, others can be done in 2 matches, maybe one. The thing is if you need a specific voucher, you’re f-ed.

Its just the Suppression and the Victory ones that take time to do,if you spam enough PvPs you can complete them but don’t expect to be sane at the end of that,I needed to lie down after finishing it,my anaemia is definitely not helping…

Yep the should start adn thinking about the length of the contracts and if a cooldown is really needed.

I personally don’t hink it is wrong to implement contracts that take long to complete as long as they give more rewards then 2 battle contracts.