Lots of random medal ideas!

Caused by another thread, and having to little to do at work.

Jousting Champion: Kill a Covert Ops with a plasma arc.

Night Witch: As a Covert Ops, drop a nuke while cloaked and kill an enemy with the nuke.

Hacker: Awarded when an enemy is killed that was disabled by your Metastable Field Generator or [name of module I’ve forgotten].

Designated Marksman: As an LRF, score a kill on a disabled enemy (as above) with disintegrator or guided torp.

Private Property: Kill an enemy with a mine or minefield within 750m of a beacon.

Friendly Fire: kill a member of your own corp on the opposing team.

First Aid: heal an ally for 100% of their hit points.

Triage: as above, but 200%.

Guardian Angel: as above, but 400%

Sweet Rolls: evade a missile without flares or terrain (must remain within missile range of the firing ship until the missile’s fuel expires).

Antisocial: kill everyone on the opposing team at least once.

Power Play: absorb 100% damage via diffusion shield.

Squad Trophies - all of these require you to win in a 4 man squad.

Ave Imperator: win using only Empire ships (standard, premium and dlc, but not pirate).

Power of Democracy: as above, but Fed.

Technological Supremacy: as above, but Jericho.

Dog of War: as above, but a mix of factions.

Rogue Squadron: win using only Pirate ships.

Pay to Win: win using only premium / dlc ships.

Brothers in Arms: win as part of a four man squad from same corp.

This is a splendid idea, but maybe some names should be changed a bit, but otherwise very cool.

I hope something like this gets added in the future.

Also, I think that medal should give some sort of bonus for your statistics, if you earned them.


For example:


Maniac medal should increase your overall synergy for 10% in current round.

Fear me should add +5% to credit rewards or no need to replenish ammuition, if premium one was used in that round. Ordinary ammunition don’t need to gets paid as well. If you own premium, it has no effect.


Something like that…

I am open for debate.

I like the idea of bonuses, but I’d hesitate to make them too big. After all, anyone who’s earning a Maniac is already getting good rewards from their kills and assists!

That said, I think small boosts to credits and synergy could be a good idea. Either fixed amounts or low % boosts. Even if it’s just +1% reward for a few key medals, you could potentially get +5% or more by flying in a corp squad and doing well.

Not a lot I know, but +5% reward over 5, 10 or 50+ games? It adds up!

Sweet Rolls: evade a missile without flares or terrain (must remain within missile range of the firing ship until the missile’s fuel expires).



I must have thousands of this medal. I cant count how many times I have done that. 

Thread the Needle: warp through a narrow gap without crashing (applies to microwarp and warp gates)

Ghost on the Wind: score a kill within 5s of decloaking (applies to recons, covops and tacklers)

Long Range Deployment: capture a beacon or plant an EM bomb using an LRF

Turn the Tables: score a kill within 5s after your Metastable Energy Field wears off

ha i want the antisocial medal

Pay to Win… I think i have this medal so damn often.

Bot Devastator : Kill the same bot multiple times.

Overaim victim : Be killed by a bot.

Dogfight sniper : Kill an enemy with disintegrator in a range of 500 metres or less.

Nope. : Kill an ECM with Disintegrator in the same second after his bubble disappeared.

Ahahaha, the Nope medal. That’s a great idea!


Unfair Advantage: Be killed by a player with a skill rating of 1500 or higher

Final Say: Destroy an enemy ship using Esc > Abandon Ship or the Covop self destruct module.

Off topic - I have actually destroyed someone using abandon ship. I have also taken out a guard’s shields leading it to it’s demise. Only difference between abandon ship and Covop SD is convience and radiation cloud.

More ideas!

Size says nothing! - Kill a frigate with Interceptor per collision.

Don’t annoy me! - Deactivate the guard’s Pulsar module with the “Ion Diffuser” module.

You can’t teleport away! - Kill a Long Range 3 seconds after it used the “Reverse Thruster” module.

Innocent-hunter - Kill an enemy player who dropped the connection.

Follow objectives - Win against an enemy team which has 1500 SR points more than your team in general.

What happened? - Loose against an enemy team which has 1500 SR points less than your team in general.

Slayer of veterans - Kill a player who has 350 SR points more than you.

Newbie hunter - Kill a player who has 500 SR points less than you.

Nice view - Jump away with “Reverse Thruster” and survive 10 seconds with less than 15% hull strength.

It wasn’t me - Kill a play with mine, nuke or minefield while you’re 6km away or more.

Valuable player - Have most efficiency points in your team.

I was somewhere - Above but the opposite.

Newbie Hunter might encourage negative play patterns, so I’m not sure on that…

More ideas!

Glory Hog - score more kills, more assists and more beacon captures than anyone else on your team.

Faction Medals - awarded for 5/25/100/250 wins using ships from each subfaction. The win counts so long as the player achieves a kill, damage assist, beacon capture, bomb plant or survives as captain while using the ship.

In the Army Now - use Army ships (the grey ones)

For we are Many - use Legion ships.

Emperor’s Finest - use Warden ships.

Private Investor - use std fed.

First to the Fight - use Vanguard.

Peace through Firepower - use Armada.

Family Favourite - use std Jericho.

Run this Raid - use Raid ships.

Technophile - use Tech ships.

Aren’t all the medals earned in one game only? I dunno if those faction medals fit that same idea.


You can run, but… - Get taken out of cloak by an enemy ship


A Fine Kill - Kill someone with an EM Torpedo from over 2000m away.

(heheh geddit, a fine kill, afk heheh)


An Unexpected Gurney - Kill someone with an EM Torpedo from under 300m away.


No Pun Intended - Ram someone to death using a tackler.


And Smell the Roses - Be forcibly slowed down to under 25% of your maximum speed.


Superb Support - Get more assists than the rest of your team combined.


Objective Overachiever - Do more objectives than the rest of your team combined.


Killer Killer - Get more kills than the rest of your team combined.


Critical Carry - Get more assists, kills, and objectives than the rest of your team combined.


Juggernaut - Deal 50% of the total damage dealt during the battle.

Yeah, those last ones of mine are more trophies than medals. 12 hour work day! I’m allowed to not use the thinking head goo!

12 hour work day? I feel sorry for you.


Drag or Friction - Reduce incoming damage for an ally as they lose 100% of their hit points.

Terminal Velocity - Reduce incoming damage for an ally as they lose 200% of their hit points.


Not So Futile - Reduce incoming damage for an ally as they lose 400% of their hit points.


Star Destroyer - Help kill three enemies by getting your team the Destroyer artifact.


Silk Screen - Save two allies from imminent death (<15% health, at least one enemy locked on to them) by getting your team the Cocoon artifact.


Pandora’s Box - Heal allies totaling over 9000 hit points by getting your team the Neocube artifact.


Spur of the Moment - Help to negate slowing effects on two allies by getting your team the Spur artifact.

Over 9000 - get a score of 9000 Efficiency in any one game of PVP or PVE

 Alot of the medal suggestions seem to be awesome !   Keep adding more ! 


 One can only hope they would incorperate at least a few of them.    

Close but no Cigar - Destroy a Jericho Guided Torpedo with AMS within 75 meters.

MicrowarpMissileship - destroy an enemy by microwarping into them.

MicrowarpMissileship Ace - as above, but destroy enemy captain with microwarp colission.

Some servers…

I took the time to create some new medals, enjoy it.

Enemy captain speedrun - Kill the enemy captain (or one of your teammates) in the first minute.

We lost our Commander - Loose your captain 1min or less after the match started.

Come on, die! - Hunt a player above 90 sec and he is still alive.

You’ll never get me! - Get hunted by a player above 90 sec and survive.

Not fast enough. - Kill a player in warp (or warpgate).

No Mercy! - Kill a player while he is stunned.

True Mercenary - Kill each player on the opposite side at least once.

All good things are 3 - Plant all 3 bombs in ‘Detonation’.

My beacons… - Be active at all beacon captures by your team.

It’s mine! - Defend a beacon at least 90 seconds.

Grinder - Rare medal: Make all happened kills.

We are surrounded - Get killed at least 25 seconds after you spawned.

Fast but tanky - Absorb at least 25k dmg with your ‘Adaptive shield resistances’

Thermal meltdown - Get at least 200k thermal damage.

Kinetic projectilestorm - Get at least 125k kinetic damage.

EM Impulse - Get at least 150k EM damage.

Just unfair - Get killed while you’re under the effect of the ‘Stasis-Generator’

Overaverage - Get 3000+ effectiveness points.

Veteran - Get 4000+ effectiveness points.

Elite - Get 5000+ effectiveness points.

Another - Get 6000+ effectiveness points.

The Arc’s friend - Die on a frigate by a Plasma Arc.

Target-lock is unrequired - Kill at least 1 ship while under the effect of the ‘IR Pulsar’ or the ‘White-Noise’.

Hide n’ seek - Kill a ship with your ‘Uncloaked - Damage bonus’ of the tackler.

More medals - Coming soon…