lose the tutorial

Instead of a tutorial throw players into an intro stage.


For those who have seen Sequelitis, know what I’m talking about, if you don’t I suggest you watch it

[follow link], it’s worth every second.


Now I’m not sure if this should be included in the intro or place this in a campaign mode.

It would be nice if there you were get to see a little of the history of the faction you’ve just chosen.


Forward, intro stage, besides learning the game mechanics, it’s going to be awesome if you get to pilot some of the other ships that you’ll unlock later in the game. as from the video, this will get players exited to get pilot those ships, and also be familiar with the nuances between the sub-classes.


Anyway I’l leave that open for the dev to do that, I think they get the picture.

A free flight area to test weapons and maneuvers would be nice for people learning as well.  I rememebr I did the tutorial in like a sec, then I had to log off for a few days and I forgot everything.  DOH!

the is a practice mode, only it’s  not functional

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