Lord Clan Corporation is Recruiting



Lord Clan Corporation is Recruiting active and motivated Pilotes for our Empire Corporation.
Here is little Information about us and how to apply to join us!


**Clan Name: The Lord Clan

Clan Type: Military Clan

Clan Tag: Lord

Mission Statement: Frons Ordo Constans - Front Rank Steady**

The Lord Clan is a gaming clan with a ranking structure based around the ranking structure of the United States Marine Corps. Our members are good friends and help each other out ingame and outside of games. Lords work together to better each member to their full potential in whatever they want to accomplish. Our history is a long one, and we have played many games including BF2, BF2142, Freelancer, and more!. Today Lord members play the games Battlestar Galactica Online, Star Trek Online and now Star Conflict. We try all the time to find new challenges and have fun with our brothers in the clan.


Our Clan Rules and Regulations Can be found from here!

when you have read our Rules and you still think you are Ready to become top ace in the Lord clan then go here and apply to join The Lord clan.

Recruitment Office


Welcome to be part of The Lord Clan!