Loots at the end of a match

Hi !


So, I have an idea for those special loots that you can have after a victory in PvP and PvE (You know, ship parts, mono, neodium/belyrium). 

The problem is that the current system force you to play a specific rank AND fully synergized. So most of the time you’ll have to play a ship you don’t necessary like to have what you want -> Less fun.

Also, there are some rank (8) where there’s so many things to win, so it is much harder to have what you want.



There comes my idea :

The rewards don’t depend on the ship’s rank anymore. 

When a ship reach max synergy, it unlock a new option (right click on the ship three or in the hangar) that open a new menu which allow you to select up to 2  specials loots that you may win after a PvP/PvE victory with that ship.


But to select a special loot you need to fulfill the requirement. Each loots have it’s own requirement :

Monocrystal : Ship rank >= 8

Neodium : Ship rank >= 8

Belyrium : Ship rank >= 11


I guess you understand what I’m saying. 

The loot system will work exactly like right now, with only difference that now you choose what you get with a specific ship.So now you can play a t5 ship AND farm your pheonix. You now have the choice -> more fun.


Any comments ?

So, let me get this straight: you don’t need a specific rank, but you still need a ship that has a higher rank than, for example, 8, to get monocrystals? 


So, I won’t be forced to play rank 10 (which is the worst IMO, all the ships except kite-m are boring af.) to get the stingray.


Sounds very good.