Loot tables in Invasion

I know that this has been discussed before, but any discussion about it has been shut down by developers. Me and a hefty number of other pilots believe that the not-so-recent nerf to Invasion loot is terribly uncalled for. I understand that the loot per trip used to be extremely high, but the risk for said loot was more than worth it. With aliens and aggressive players like aggressor and (insert all the players that ever killed me for no apparent reason) flying about in open space, the risk for the current loot is awful. I suggest that all loot obtained in “dangerous zones” be worth its original price. Also aliens should drop iridium more frequently, even if it is in smaller amounts.

Na. All prenerf pilots that flew reg in Open Space are filthy rich. They have like 80Mil Creds or even more, much more than they can ever spend.


There was no reason to do PvE fr money since Open Space was 10 times more profitable.

Meh. I still want my iridium back regardless.

they nerfed loot in open space too much, everytime i pick up crap worth 5000 credits its just another reason to avoid open space all together. It is as with many thing in here, try to find the right balance, dont immediatly overdo it and nerf it completly to dead. Originaly it might have been too profitable but now… it’s shaming

Killing aliens seems to give somewhere between 5000-20000 credits.


That’s barely enough to buy ammo for another trip.


Can we at least have reasonable rewards for loot dropped by mobs?

Open space and any other mode is all about bypassing the game in some manner to get more from it, u have to know the mechanics of the game to exploit them to your own benefit, brute force is not enough. Also, fox, i know where u can get almost anything u want lol, my IGN is ORCA1911 so hit me up. :smiley:

Killing innocent people in more dangerous areas of OS is the quickest and surest way to get rich fast :smiley:

(inb4 ‘piracy OP!’)