Loot Tables by Ship

Instead of having random loot tables for enemy groups, (alien, pirate, misc, etc,) how about you make individual loot tables for specific enemies? I know this will take a while but it will be so worth it in the end. Seeing as a predator takes around 5 minutes to kill on a good day, and that’s if you yourself don get killed first, but only rewards an 8k Cred loot item because it is in the alien table, the current system could use a rework. I am always open to help at any time, payed or not. I will list out some example enemy drop tables to balance out difficulty with reward:

Easy Pirate: (cosists of pirates found in hangar sectors and low-rank sectors)





Bounty Hunter





Elite Hunter:





Of course these will not exactly be layed out like this, nor will they have these items, but this is simply an example.

As difficulty goes up, so does the quality of loot. Hunters and Predators and Elite Hunters should give amazing loot for every single kill. Not just skimpy 6k trash.

(A suggestion will follow this that isn’t meant to be taken very seriously but would be kind of fun)

We don’t plan do change it for now, but it may be reconsidered next year.

We don’t plan do change it for now, but it may be reconsidered next year.

Closest thing to “yes” that I’ve ever gotten from you. XD

And right now all I care about is the New-Years update. Focus on that and get that done before anything else. ^^