Loot Search: Monocrystals and Iridium

Allow players to obtain a daily limit of 4 Monocrystals from whichever mode they choose to play, not just PvE. I know a lot of people who would rather not grind PvE missions for Monos, as they are a pointless waste of time. 1 Monocrystal every 10 PvP games: In terms of time spent in game, it’s more than is actually spent in PvE to obtain the same and would contribute to a shorter PvP queue.

Likewise, Iridium should be available 3 times per day regardless of game mode (or 4 times, with an amount reduction). What is the purpose of forcing games vs bots? Do bots feel some sort of satisfaction from playing the game vs humans? I doubt it, and the feeling is mutual. Players ought to be playing other players instead.

Essentially, why force players to play these modes or use these methods when they are neither interesting, nor are they conducive to a healthy player population?

Something needs to be done about Xenos, and ‘max rank’ ships as it concerns premiums which now obtain no loyalty rewards, but I’m not sure what as yet.