Looking forward to 2019, Wafcoin is determined to become the leader of the industry!


Looking forward to 2019, Wafcoin is determined to become the leader of the industry!


In 2018, the coin market can be said it can’t be expressed in a few words, with a lot of ups and downs.

In general, the performance of cryptocurrency in 2019 will be better than second half of 2018.

In 2018, many countries adopted stricter regulatory measures for cryptocurrencies, which made the coin market particularly deserted. The SEC has been ambiguous to approve the applications for the Bitcoin ETF, but many insiders believe that the SEC is more likely to approve these applications in the first half of 2019. If the SEC approves the Bitcoin ETF application, then this will be a significant historical event that favors the cryptocurrency market.

Secondly, there are many voices on the market said that the decline of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has almost reached the bottom, and it is currently in a state of out of bear. Therefore, in the first half of 2019, the market will usher in a normal recovery.


Third, the landing of blockchain application is an important supporting factor for the value of cryptocurrency. But until now, it was mainly the speculative psychology of investors that supported the trend of coin prices. When you don’t see a landing app for a long time, this mentality must begin to crumble and collapse. After the crash, only the real use of the blockchain landing application will allow the currency market to truly usher in a bull market.

Finally, more and more people are learning more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and the number of future investors will increase. The increase of potential investors will also have an impact on the recovery of cryptocurrency market.

In summary, in the first half of 2019, the cryptocurrency market may usher in a wave of upward momentum, but events like the end of 2017 is still at a state of pursuiting but fail to get. Factors such as stricter regulation, increasingly market regulation, and more rational investors will make the cryptocurrency market more peaceful to develop. The market conditions in the second half of 2019 will also depend on the specific conditions of the first half of the year.

Regardless of whether the bull or bear has sufficient supporting factors, it is an indisputable fact that we are currently in a bear market. Investors’ blood depletion, loss of investment institutions, and difficulties in the operation of blockchain companies’ funds have become a common industry situation. Looking back at the cryptocurrency market that once stood in the mountain top, compared to the present, it seems to be just a dream of luxury and dissipation, lacking rationality and thinking.


Therefore, what really promotes the recovery of the market should be the development of technology and its landing application.

For Wafcoin, the reason why it had a vigorous development in the bear market is because of its excellent technology, and the attitude of doing things in a down-to-earth manner and serving the customer sincerely.

Wafcoin is registered in the British Virgin Islands and is a legal token trading platform with dual licenses.

Secondly, Wafcoin has unique technical advantages: based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, the ODAT (Offline Dynamic Acceleration Technology) offline dynamic acceleration technology with independent intellectual property rights is used to develop a full-cold wallet, which can provide efficient circulation of token under the premise of protecting users’ security. The trading system can achieve a stable processing speed of 200 million grade dealmaking per second. It uses bank-level security encryption and multi-signature hot and cold wall isolation to ensure the security of all users’token.

It is also worth mentioning that Wafcoin’s platform token WA is the first choice for value investment in the bear market. WA has multiple advantages: the number of global issuance of WA will never increase, which helps it have a high investment value; The Wafcoin platform works with cross-border e-commerce to use WA to pay for commodity purchases to further enhance the value of WA; the development field of WA will expand into the housing industry, tourism, and accelerate the landing applications of payment and other functions.

Here comes the new year, I hope that more investors will focus on blockchain technology. After all, only emerging technologies can bring real value to our lives, and only the truly technical coin has real value and achieve long-term development.