Longer Domination Matches


The Domination Matches are really cool, but there is something that bothers me a while…

The Matches are too short, especially with around 32 players.

I wondering if the destroyed ships count as points too. Because, with a lot of players the matches only takes 3-4 minutes.

So my suggestion is to make the matches in any way longer please.


with the new patch there is an infinite respawn for all ships, this may change the duration of the matches.

… infinite respawn …

I may have just lost interest in this game.

I may have just lost interest in this game.

umust not kno2 about regular and arcade mode reg is limited respawns arcade is infinate respawns

I think that adding an infinite respawn might be a good or a bad idea, it depends on the balance of the two sides. if fights are equal, it will be a good move, however if you turn out with one side having 5 players each with 20 kills, and the other side with 1-2 kills each, it will be very detramental for the game.

If infinite respawn is added, then they should also add a rating system, or rank system.

the times you have to see it. even if the opposing team has 20 kills more, you can still win through tactical play. The mistake is to play only in the domination almost all try TDM. We have often won games even though we had a lot less kills