Lock and fire missiles with joystick

I’ve binded keys to joystick but, does anyone know how to bind firing the missiles from joystick? crazy using the JS but having to use mouse to lock or fire.  I have the 

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick appreciate any help.



If you have buttons on the joystick, simply bind them like regular keys in the key binds, provided that your driver supports them.

I’ve always wondered why it was called a "joy"stick…

I’m not sure but are you certain there is no way to change this in the keybind settings? Like somewhere where RMB would be bound and you can change to joystick? I’ll check when I get home.

I notice you are only asking about missile and not main gun. Does this mean you have you already managed to rebind the LMB function? It should be fairly similar if so.

was trying like crazy…in binding mode, didn’t see an option for binding missile lock or fire.  

nice…gun would be a def too…just forgot.  on the binding screen, didn’t see options for gun or missile binding.

Im playing in Oculus Rift mode…but that shouldn’t change anything.


NICE :smiley: Rift and joystick :open_mouth: I envy you so much.  That must be an awesome feeling in Invasion (if you have reached rank 4 already).


Once you have access to Invasion, try pressing Alt + H, it will get rid of your HUD, it then looks even cooler. This works in other modes also but is not recommended, you might get killed XD (just press the same again to put the HUD back on)


For the key binding i’m not sure.  I suppose that just changing “Fire main weapon” and “Fire missiles” under the normal Keybindings menu does not work?  I’m not sure, I’ve never used a joystick in this game.