List of fixes, improvements & suggestions

General fixes/enhancements:

  • Remember the ship that was previously selected in an arcade match
  • Cancel warp gate placement if there is an intersecting object, instead of consuming energy & triggering cool down without placing the gate.
  • Provide edge-of-screen markers for beacons


  • Context menu on player names to provide quick option to ignore
  • Anti-spam
  • Extra channels, e.g Help chat
  • Hide global chat in the squad channel when in hanger

Team play & communication:

  • Mark a point/AI/person of interest for other team mates to see, perhaps with attached information like “Attack” “Defend” “Move” “Group”
  • Highlight team mates providing area of effect bonuses

A suggestion for implementation:


Mouse over team mate, [com button] + click and drag to point of interest, release. A menu appears to click on an option “Look” “Attack” etc to communicate to a specific team mate quick and efficiently. [Com button] could bring up the same menu and send this message to all team mates. Messages could be received as visual notifications.


This could be an excellent way to promote team play and especially useful for pointing out enemies behind a team mate.



  • Allow players to select game modes in PVP
  • Allow players to choose to play with others at a specific tech level in scenario

The very best (PVP) games I’ve played have been where the teams have been equally balanced in terms of skill and teamwork.




To add an extra element of fun or to promote increased teamwork, extra points could be awarded for working as a team, assigning objectives “Attack x beacon” and receiving points for following and completing them.


A suggestion for implementation:


A leader is assigned at the start, out of players who opt to be chosen. Leaders can then assign attack/defend commands on objectives. Score is awarded when players follow and complete these tasks. Players who receive these points are either in the area of the assigned command or have dealt damage to enemies in this area.



:smoke:  I may have gotten a bit carried away with these suggestions, but i hope at least some of it helps. 


Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Basicily this is a beta game.