Link regs + "validation" timer

Alright, Hi…


So I found this game a little way back thanks to some mates that’s already in, and signed up for beta, because I would like to help out smashing bugs and possibly give suggestions on improvements…

So far so good right, then after the sign up. thought of maybe getting a confirmation e-mail sent. this did not occur until I tried to reapply with my e-mail account im using for this game.

(1 new for every game im testing, because I hate getting spam (be it that a company sells info to a third party or just plane bad safety on their part))

Now I knew that I was in the cue for a possible CBT/OB invite…

Then I checked Yuplay and had no account there. So Made one.

Today I wanted to check out this forum and so I made an account with the same e-mail as it seems logical right?

(Main story - To the point)

What I would like, from the get go (Beta sign up process)

Add, wanted password directly.

with this since you ask for a nickname already there…

>create a forum account when applying.

those that have an interest for applying Beta, would be likely to get an forum account either way right?

If however the person is applying with multiple accounts like in one of the previous topics I’ve read here, they would probably not even bother to login on the forums with those extra accounts, so have a timer, if there has been no more than say… 3+ logins on the forum for that account during the last few days or a week have it deleted automatic and then disqualified from the beta applying list.

this should only works during these fazes, since when its launched accounts simply sits there like in any other game/forum/site.

and if it´s a must or a good thing for you, have the beta sign up add a Yuplay account as well.

with this, kids that just want to “try/play” the game gets less of a chance of doing so because I doubt they are willing to work for it…

And as an addition, your process picking productive people will be less of a hassle hopefully.

Heck, if your specifically looking for kids that just want to play and tell their friends about the game, you have an even easier way to check who did get disqualified and mass send invites to them. - they have to reg a new forum name obviously then.

Oh I forgot, to state the obvious: have them check IP when signing up as well… same IP different e-mails. discarded quicker.