Lightning Paint Scheme & Questions

Greetings pilots. I have a couple of questions and requests for you as well as unasked for commentary.


As for the suggestion, I think that you should be able to preview the reward paints. Pure and simple.


I was sorely disappointed with the Harvest paint and thought that the Pyre was really mediocre. As a result, I’m curious about how the lightning paint looks. I was considering dropping the moon pass for stage 3 for it, but I’m curious if I’d better not even bother with it at this point.


Would someone be so kind to post a picture of a Singularity zoomed in with the scheme? That one in particular has some suspect coloration banding with these schemes. I’d also like to see a Mammoth or equivalent with it, and a destroyer of any kind.


I still think the Harvest scheme was a complete bust, as the previous Halloween schemes are infinitely superior. I was expecting a wicked pumpkin. I feel these icons are grossly misrepresentative of the final product. The only 2 that have been honest thus far are Memento and Desert Camo, the latter of which I greatly enjoy.


See you in the fringe sectors, and thanks for any intel you can provide.

Lightning is about as low-res as the pyre one. Nothing to write home about. Just a skin.

Not super bad but honestly could be a lot better.

Ahh, that’s quite the shame. I was hoping based on the icon it’d look a lot better. Thanks for the information and feedback, I’ll take that into consideration.