License Progression

The License seems to be a largely overlooked little feature that I think should mean more to the game. Currently we have the “Basic License” and the “Premium License” where “Basic” does nothing and “Premium” makes you gold and gives you a bunch of nice perks.

I propose that the license be given a small overhaul.


For starters, there should be multiple “ratings” and “types” of licenses that should affect what it gives you. The “rating” of a license should just be the “Clearance Rating” of the pilot, but should also have more of a factor of controlling what ships players can use. Ellydium and R16-17 should come at Level 15. Other ships should be at a gradient up to 15 as you increase your clearance.


There should also be more types of licenses that better describe the skill, experience, and style of the pilot. I’ve put a few examples below.



New License progression:
1: No License: All ship and hangar access is restricted. (Granted at start of game.)

2: Solo Pilot License: Allows the use of Standard ships. (Requires finishing the tutorial.)

3: Advanced Pilot License: Allows the manufacture and use of unique/crafted weapons and modules. (Requires maximum synergy with at least 25 ships.)

4: Pro Pilot License: Allows the manufacture and use of unique/crafted ships. (Up to Rank 15. Requires maximum synergy with at least 50 ships.)

5: Master Pilot License: Allows access to Ellydium technology, and ships of the ranks 16 and 17. (Requires pilot clearance level 15.)

6: Veteran’s License: Looks cool. (Given to pilots who have been part of the game since beta.)




Effects of DLC boosters and permanent bonuses should also appear on the pilot license as little shapes in a line/box somewhere. Like the captain’s cut bonus would be a little skull icon etc. Bonus loot spot would be a little drone idk. It would just help fill empty space on the card and make it look cooler. More icons on your license means more cool stuff! Premium could also be a gold star on your card or something too. That way you know you have it and it’s cool


The licenses should also have faction affiliation Aesthetics such as dark techy for Jericho, Earthy bright for Federation, Majestic shimmery for Empire, and weird green techy for Ellydium. There should also be Pirate/Cyber/Cartel Licenses with the relevant themes. At the bare minimum just a Pirate license.


I’d mock up some sample license card images but nah. It’s basically a one stop record of what all you can do and have done that also shows your bonuses. There really needs to be a separate server for small images for people to upload to their licenses. They could be drawn from there instead of being stored on the client like all the current images to allow everyone to have their own at a price. Moderation could be left to the players by having a “report picture” button. Ezpz.