Let there be trade

Since the minimum trade for most items is 100GS and the tax is 10GS (10%) it would be somewhat better to just make an actual trade option where players exchange items while both pay 10GS to the system for the exchange service, y’know, like a trade or something like that.

I like it. There is nothing to add there. +1



I don’t see how this will help the trade system ?

Seeing is believing.

1 hour ago, ORCA1911 said:

Seeing is believing.


it wasn’t a jab at your idea … i don’t get what your trying to say … ??? that all parts will be 100 gs ? or that charging both players for the trade will make more players trade ?

I doubt they’d be interested in making easier to obtain the items since that will refrain the players from purchasing directly from them them which will mean less profit for them


sad but true, the limitations are more than likely here to stay