Let destroyers bypass OS rank restrictions

Due to the nature of destroyers, I suggest lifting the Open Space rank restrictions for them. I wish this would happen with all ships, but it heavily applies to destroyers.

nice idea!

+1 They are more than capable of holding their own in the more dangerous sectors.

I support this! I wanna move away from Jericho and travel through the galaxy!


By the way, with the addition of the new “lava” maps, you can travel from Fed to Empire (and vice versa) using these new maps, which are rank 7, so you can travel with the destroyer, but not from Empire to Jericho, or Fed to Jericho since there’re no rank 7 maps. :[

I approve of this, especially since my scanner and hull module are 1 rank short of being stuck on the next tier of destroyer :stuck_out_tongue: