Legacy [LEGA]


Legacy is a new corporation, devoted to bringing back Federation control!

There are few rules, only to be respectful and SACRIFICE YOUR FIRST CHILD, wait, no, don’t.


We are an easy to join corporation; we accept all players who play often and are above tier 1!

If you are tier 2, and therefore unable to play sector conquest, we will help level you up. If you think you need training, we will also do that.

However, even if you fulfill our few requirements, we still need to find out if you’re good enough (no offense). I personally will usually squad with you to gauge your ability.


We now use RaidCall to vocalize. It’s 100% free, so get it online and look for our group Legacy[LEGA] to join. There, join the Star Conflict lobby to speak with those in game, but, if you are not a member of the corp, you cannot join this lobby. If you wish to talk to only a certain few people, you can join one of the lobbies within the lobbies to be alone.


Remember: we are here to have fun most of all. And to have fun, each member MUST be respectful and not use offensive language.


Go to our new website to join: http://legacygroups.enjin.com/

I use steam mostly to contact, so if you wish to befriend me there, do so: http://steamcommunity.com/id/satorius/

Also, you can message me on Star Conflict, my name is TheSatorius.

Good luck, you will need it to slug it out with nasa and esb

Good luck to you and a warm welcome